Topographic survey, orthophoto plan from drone, 3d model

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Project details

A park with paths for walking, rest and recreation, a skate park, a summer sledge track, a trial bike and a longboard track will be created, accompanied by a bike track.

Project objective

Extension of the Olympic ski jumping complex (80ha)


Legal entity


Town of Rascov, county. Brasov

Project date

26 April 2022


Topographic survey, orthophotoplan, 3d model

Data acquisition

For this project we used 3D scanner, drone and specialized software for data processing. Pictures were taken of the entire 80ha area, and several flights were required, as well as 3D scanning of the parau (woodland) area. Integration into the Stereo 70 coordinate system was done with GPS RTK. The result was a topographic survey with 3d contour lines (superimposed over the full orthophoto plan of the land). The execution of the field work was done in 4 hours.


Image processing was done using specialised 3D software. GPS points determined in the field were used to generate a dense 3D point cloud georeferenced in the national reference system “Stereo 70”.

The following results were provided: a 3D model, georeferenced orthophoto plan, topographic survey with contour lines with 0.3m equidistance.