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As a major part of our building surveying service, surveys can be provided for all types of projects, from steel framed structures to historic buildings.

A floor plan created by us provides a high level of detail, ensuring that all elements of the building are known and can be accounted for in the design and helping architects, planners and others involved in the design process to understand the existing structure of the building. They are also important to keep as records for historic or heritage projects or for inspections while constructing new buildings.

A detailed floor plan shows “an aerial view” of the entire building capturing all features, structural walls, door positions, door heights, and window heights and positions. Also incorporated are ceiling heights and the location of any beams, as well as plumbing fixtures and floor levels. Surveys are made for each floor of the building.

For this type of work, we use a range of equipment including mobile laser scanner, total station, although for some (smaller) projects, portable digital roulette can be just as effective. Further information on laser scanning can be found by clicking here (

Some of our floor plan projects call for mirrored ceiling plans. They are essentially a ceiling floor plan and ideal for renovations or new fit-out projects in the commercial and retail sectors.

Reflected ceiling plans include positions of lighting fixtures, CCTV cameras, smoke detectors, air conditioning units, ceiling tiles and any other equipment. Similarly, roof plans, both internal and external, are produced in conjunction with floor plan inspections. These include, but are not limited to, exterior roof details such as ridges, parapets, chimney stacks and skylights and interior details such as rafter locations and sizes.

For more complex projects and especially where areas are not visible from the ground or accessible on site by our surveyors, orthophotoplanes made by drone can be used. For passages inside and outside the building, where desired, we offer 2D/3D photographic recordings or orthophotos to bring your project to life. Click here ( for more information on 3D photography.