3D laser scanning
UAV photogrammetry 
Digitization of monuments

We offer professional cadastral services using the most advanced technology. 3D scanning of buildings, photogrammetry, topographic surveying, terrestrial measurements, digitization of monuments and land registration.

3DMaps Services

3D Land Scans

Mobile scanning technology is adaptable to outdoor environments, indoor, underground or hard-to-reach spaces, providing 3D mapping.

Topographical surveys

The technical documentation is a set of field and office works necessary to produce a topographic plan.

Contour lines

With our mobile 3D scanner and software we quickly create topography maps with 2D or 3D terrain height data.


Georeferenced orthomosaic maps are created using software based on a large number of overlaid aerial photographs.

3D Mobile Scanning

Mobile 3D laser scanning is a non-contact but accurate method to record and measure outdoor and indoor spaces in 3D.


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