Facade plans

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Our company produces plans with both external dimensions (orthophotos and plans with facades and roofs) and internal dimensions for all types of buildings, from historical and heritage projects to private residential projects.

Data can be recorded using state-of-the-art surveying equipment and technology, including total stations, 3D laser scanners, drones and photogrammetry. Sometimes a combination of all these methods is used. All dimensions show complete and accurate building data, including architectural details, building materials, dimensions and levels. In addition to capturing external features such as doors, windows, glass, downpipes and gutters, details such as brick and mortar levels are also achievable.

Elevations (or facade surfaces) can be done either as a stand-alone project or incorporated into a larger and more thoroughly measured building surface, which may include topographic information, floor and roof plans, and sections.

The dimensions can be used by architects and engineers prior to any alterations to the building structure or for preservation of character purposes for historic buildings or heritage sites, as well as for cross-referencing when carrying out surveys on new developments.