3D laser scanning

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3D laser scanning and data analysis

Due to the progress of digitisation in all areas of industry, the demand for 3D scanning data is enormous. We have expanded our service portfolio accordingly and offer various forms of laser scanning services. In addition to creating 3D models from drone photos, we also specialise in mobile laser scanning. The latest LiDAR scanning systems and highly stable SLAM algorithms open up unprecedented possibilities for 3D data acquisition and analysis. Our goal is to capture objects, buildings and locations for our clients completely and in the shortest time possible, from inside, outside and above. This allows seamless evaluation and transfer of 3D data from a single source.

Mobile laser scanning using slam processes

Mobile laser scanning is a non-contact but accurate method to record and measure objects, interiors and the smallest components in three dimensions. The main advantage of modern mobile laser scanning systems – based on the SLAM process – is that GPS is not required for orientation and registration. Global registration and alignment of individual scans with each other occurs via the SLAM algorithm during computer processing. SLAM stands for Simultaneous Positioning and Mapping. Therefore, use in remote locations, indoors or even underground is possible without problems.

Overview of 3d laser scanning services

3D terrestrial scanning

  • Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM)
  • Orthophotos
  • Detailed topographical plans
  • 3D models of structures and buildings
  • CAD documentation

3D aerial scanning with drone

  • Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM)
  • High resolution orthophotos
  • Interactive 3D map
  • Volume analysis and measurements
  • Construction progress monitoring and reporting

Mobile 3D scanning (on vehicles)

  • Detailed 3D models of urban infrastructure
  • Enriched GIS databases
  • 3D maps for advanced navigation
  • Simulations for infrastructure design
  • Safety and visibility analyses

Indoor 3d scanning for buildings

  • BIM model (Building Information Modeling)
  • Floor plans and cross-sections
  • Interactive 3D views of the interior
  • Space analysis and layout planning
  • Documentation for renovations and retrofitting
  • Emergency evacuation simulations

Geoslam zeb-located services in collaboration with architects and surveyors

Do you have to do a building survey, measure facades, sections, road measurements? We can collaborate…
We offer special services based on the GeoSLAM ZEB-LOCATE mobile laser scanner. On the one hand, we offer complete object registration, including processing and georeferencing up to modelling (full service). On the other hand we can provide 3D or 2D rough measurements with access to our online application (as an example we can provide 3D model extracts, sections, facade orthophotos, all at minimal prices).

We take on all tasks related to drone flight. Our service ranges from obtaining all the necessary permits to conducting flights and transferring raw data. Data processing remains in your hands in both cases.