How can the strength structure of a road bridge be checked?

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Romania’s road infrastructure is a sensitive subject, especially for drivers, as it is quite poor. This is due both to the poor state of much of the country’s roads and to the fact that the area of newly built roads is extremely small, despite technological developments.

However, safety always comes first, which is why many drivers say it is very important to strengthen the existing road infrastructure first, especially as many of the country’s road bridges have been built for decades and have not been maintained or restored.

Methods for checking the strength structure of road bridges

In these situations, it is necessary to check the strength structure of road bridges. Specifically, whether it is affected and to what extent. In this respect, the services offered by a
cadastre firm
and surveying services can identify, measure and report for analysis information about the condition of an old road bridge.

Although the methods by which this information can be obtained are quite numerous, the most modern techniques are specific to the science called
. This is based on images obtained from the site, which are processed as a 3D point cloud. The resulting images can provide important and very precise information about the measured area.

Photogrammetry can be performed either with drones, which fly over the target and photograph it, or by the traditional method, using the camera. In this way, specialists obtain orthophotos with geotechnical data or digital terrain models, for example.

How can a bridge with a damaged structure be rehabilitated?

If these analyses show that the structure of the bridge is damaged, this may lead to traffic on the bridge being limited or even temporarily closed. Architects and engineers must then draw up the plan on the basis of which such a large-scale project to rehabilitate a road bridge structure will be carried out.

The plan can even start with soil analysis, which, depending on its structure and composition, can provide important information about how solid the soil is to support the weight of a bridge. The next step is to identify the main features of the bridge and which of them are affected. In this way, the exact methods and techniques used for its rehabilitation can be determined.

All these decisions are taken after a thorough analysis and assessment of the technical condition of the bridge. The rehabilitation work is aimed at restoring the road to its safety and comfort parameters, so that it can once again become practicable, resistant and safe for drivers.

3D technology therefore has a very wide application, and is even very useful for infrastructure construction. The 3D technology used in photogrammetry is one of the most modern on the market and the information obtained from it is very accurate.