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Not many people know exactly what land registration entails and why so much important paperwork is needed when they want to sell, buy or exchange their home. Well, in a broad sense, cadastre refers to the identification and measurement of a property.

Whether it’s an apartment, land or a house, this must be done before the process of buying or selling them is completed. Afterwards, all the data collected in relation to that property will be entered in the Land Register, which is, in principle, a form of identity card for the dwelling or land in question.

Therefore, you will need a specialised and experienced land registry firm to be able to produce such a detailed and accurate plan. The value of the assessed property is established after the cadastral survey.

What does cadastral documentation involve?

Cadastre, in other words, is the process by which a given property begins to take on its own identity through professional valuation and measurement and entry in the Land Register. However, cadastral documentation and the whole process of gathering information are activities that need to be carried out by capable and experienced people.

Cadastral documentation therefore involves various sketches, calculations, plans, as well as the issuing of property deeds and tax certificates. In view of this, it is clear that a
land registry firm
to take responsibility for the successful completion of all tasks.

What are the advantages of the cadastre process?

The first and most obvious advantage of a cadastre is that it provides a true and accurate description of the legal situation for the property. Only a cadastral map can provide the means of accurate identification.

Most of the advantages of identification and registration derive directly from the cadastral documentation, which must be as accurate as possible. The person legally recognised as the owner of a property is much better protected from fraud or other legal difficulties, which are either eliminated or considerably reduced. Registration also provides adequate protection for all classes of right holders.

So the action of selling or buying a house becomes safe, transparent and legal. For example, if all the paperwork is not in order, the owner of a property cannot take any action and the whole process is delayed until all the paperwork is in order. Therefore, it all depends on the owner and the way they rush the land registry.

For many people, this is an experience they are facing for the first time, which is why it is necessary to research this area in advance to avoid misunderstandings or mistakes that can be made during the process of buying or selling a home.

Therefore, in order to be as sure as possible that the whole operation goes as it should, it is necessary to call upon a company that will carry out all the important steps of the cadastral documentation and the registration of the property in the Land Register.