Upgrading a rural dispensary in Coteana with 3D scanning

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Project details

In a bid to improve health services in rural areas, a project has been initiated to upgrade a local dispensary. This included 3D scanning of the building and its surroundings using a mobile scanner, resulting in a geo-referenced point cloud in the national coordinate system.

Project objective

Modernisation of a rural dispensary


Architectural firm


Com. Coteana, Jud. Olt

Project date

20 July 2023


3d scanning

Scanning and Georeferencing Data

To ensure maximum accuracy, we conducted an RTK drone flight, generating a cloud of colour dots for the dispensary exterior and surrounding areas. The integration of these data into the national reference system was done using a GPS RTK, ensuring the accuracy of the information.

Deliverables for Health Unit Modernisation

  1. Detailed 3D ModelWe havecreated a detailed 3D model of the dispensary and its surroundings, providing a comprehensive three-dimensional view of the facility.
  2. Detailed Plans and SectionsThescanned datawas used to generate detailed plans and sections of the building, thus facilitating the process of evaluating and upgrading medical premises.
  3. Façade OrthophotosWe havedeveloped accurate orthophotos of facades, highlighting architectural details and providing valuable information for the retrofit project.
  4. Mesh File for Integration into Platforms Like Archicad or RevitAnadapted mesh file has been provided to facilitate easy integration into design platforms such as Archicad or Revit.
  5. 3D Topographic SurveyThe dataobtained was used to perform a 3D topographic survey, including contour lines, thus providing crucial information for the health unit modernization and optimization project.

These deliverables not only document the current state of the dispensary, but also provide a solid basis for the modernization project, contributing to the improvement of rural health services. Using advanced technologies, we aim to support the development of health infrastructure in rural communities, ensuring access to quality health services.

Data acquisition

Data acquisition was done with Geoslam Horizon mobile scanner, Mavic 3 Enterprise drone and Geomax Zenith RTK GPS