Modernization of Scornicesti Town Hall to provide efficient services to the local community

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Project details

In an effort to improve the quality of services offered to the local community, an ambitious project to modernise the local town hall has been launched. This initiative includes the implementation of advanced technologies to ensure efficiency and accessibility in the delivery of administrative services.

Project objective

Modernization of Scornicesti Town Hall


Architectural firm


Scornicești, Jud. Olt

Project date

August 2023


3d scanning

Adapting to Community Needs

The Town Hall, as a vital administrative centre for the community, underwent a 3D scanning process, covering both the interior and exterior spaces of the building. Using a mobile scanner, we created a geo-referenced point cloud, ensuring accuracy in the national coordinate system.

Efficient Data Scanning and Integration

Using the RTK drone, we generated a cloud of colour dots to highlight the architectural details of the building and its surroundings. The integration of these data into the national reference system was achieved using RTK GPS, ensuring consistency and accuracy of information.

Deliverables for City Hall Modernisation

  1. Detailed 3D Model

    We have developed a detailed 3D model of the town hall and its surroundings, providing a comprehensive three-dimensional perspective of the proposed changes.

  2. Detailed Plans and Sections

    The scanned data formed the basis for detailed plans and sections of the building, supporting the process of designing and modernising the administrative spaces.

  3. Facade Orthophotos

    Precise orthophotos of the facades highlight the architectural transformations, giving a clear view of the modernisation project.

  4. Mesh File for Integration into Design Platforms

    We have provided an adapted mesh file for easy integration into design platforms such as Archicad or Revit.

  5. 3D Topographic Elevation

    The information obtained was used to produce a 3D topographic survey, including contour lines, thus providing a solid basis for planning the upgrade.


These deliverables not only reflect the current state of City Hall, but also underscore the commitment to providing efficient and accessible administrative services to the local community. By applying advanced technologies, we aim to contribute to the creation of a modern administrative environment, centred on the needs of citizens and ready to respond to contemporary challenges. The modernisation of the town hall is a key step towards an efficient and transparent administration for the benefit of the local community.

Data acquisition

Data acquisition was done with Geoslam Horizon mobile scanner, Mavic 3 Enterprise drone and Geomax Zenith RTK GPS