Construction of a luxury hotel at Lake Vidraru

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Project details

In the heart of one of the most beautiful areas of Romania, Lake Vidraru, an ambitious project for the construction of a luxury hotel has been initiated. This oasis of comfort and refinement will offer a unique experience for tourists, combining the natural beauty of the landscape with modern facilities and high-class services.

Project objective

Building a luxury hotel


Architectural firm


Vidraru Lake

Project date

June 2023



To ensure harmonious integration into the spectacular landscape of Lake Vidraru, we used advanced 3D scanning technology to assess the terrain and model the project in accordance with the natural environment. Using a mobile scanner, we created a geo-referenced point cloud, ensuring accuracy in the national coordinate system.

Using the RTK drone, we generated a cloud of colour dots to highlight architectural details of the hotel and adjacent facilities such as the spa area. The integration of these data into the national reference system was carried out with RTK GPS, ensuring consistency and accuracy of the information.


  1. Detailed 3D Model of the Hotel and Adjacent Spaces

    We developed a detailed 3D model of the hotel and its surroundings, providing a complete three-dimensional view of the architectural ensemble.

  2. Detailed Plans and Sections

    The scanned data formed the basis for detailed plans and sections of the hotel and its facilities, contributing to the planning and design of the interior and exterior spaces.

  3. Orthophotoplanes

    We created precise orthophotos with the details of the land and the building.

  4. Mesh File for Integration into Design Platforms

    We have provided an adapted mesh file to facilitate integration into design platforms such as Archicad or Revit.

  5. 3D Topographic Survey with Contour Lines

    The information obtained was used to carry out a 3D topographic survey, including contour lines, thus ensuring detailed planning of the facilities.


These deliverables not only reflect the current status of the Lake Vidraru luxury hotel project, but also underline the commitment to creating an exceptional tourist destination in one of the most beautiful areas of Romania. By applying advanced technologies and attention to detail, we aim to provide clients with the best information related to their project.


Data acquisition was done with Geoslam Horizon mobile scanner, Mavic 3 Enterprise drone and Geomax Zenith RTK GPS