3D scanning of monument facades and photogrammetry from drone

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Project details

3D scanning of the facades, topographic survey in the courtyard full of trees as well as the adjacent streets, 3D scanning inside the church as well as in the courtyard, photogrammetry from drone as well as with the camera on the facades of the Holy Trinity Church for the restoration project.

Project objective

Restoration of the Holy Trinity Church


Architectural firm


Jud. Argeș

Project date

28 February 2023


The client is an architectural firm that has been provided with the 3D topographic survey, as well as colour orthophotos of the facades, plans and sections of the monument.

Data acquisition

Data acquisition was done with Geoslam Horizon mobile scanner, Mavic 3 Enterprise drone and camera.
Data acquisition inside the church and in the attic was done with the mobile scanner. Then the yard was also scanned with the mobile scanner because it is full of trees. For the orthophoto shots of the church exterior, the Mavic 3 Eneterprise drone was used, as well as the camera in areas with many trees. The whole field work took three hours.


Data processing was done in a few hours resulting in a 3D model of the church and its surroundings, color orthophotos of the facades in .tiff format, 3D point cloud, which we processed in specialized 3D software and cad software.