Benefits of 3D scanning

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More complex surveying projects include 3D scanning with a specialised laser. To measure distances and very precise locations they use laser light and a special radar. Even from great distances, measurements can be made and digital images can be obtained, which can be included in architectural and construction projects. Project managers and engineers who monitor and analyse data benefit in many ways.

The 3D scanning method is a revolutionary way to assess construction status and manage large projects, with clear advantages in terms of saving time and money. The data obtained is exported to various BIM and CAD programs.

Main benefits of 3D scanning:

3D scanning offers the possibility to plan the project by being able to make accurate models, and eliminating the need to redo plans as it happens before. This prevents errors and saves time and money.

Providing real-time information.

The devices are used as soon as they are needed, the information is rendered in real time

Reducing errors

The 3D scanner can detect improper positioning of piping or equipment, helping to identify problems early and reduce delays leading to reduced productivity and additional resources.