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Cadastre is the part of the integrated cadastre and land registry system that deals with the technical, economic and legal record of real estate in the same administrative-territorial unit: municipality, city or commune.

The land surveyor will coordinate all the activities: the initial layout measurements, obtaining the building permit and the actual registration of the construction.

The role of the cadastral expert

It will apply the surveying and cadastral work specific to each stage of the construction project, including:

  • Taking the necessary measurements to obtain the plans for the acceptance on completion of the works;
  • Checking the land before buying it;
  • Work prior to obtaining a demolition or building permit;
  • Energy certification;
  • Obtain the building permit;
  • Preparation of the final land register necessary for the registration of the construction in the land register.

Why do I need a cadastre firm?

Cadastre firm
will make sure that everything is done according to the law. Without the help of experts in cadastre, land registration and surveying, people can encounter various problems. These situations can lead to unforeseen costs, unwanted legal issues or delays in project implementation.

Failure to respect setbacks from property lines or to take into account setbacks from the street may result in the wrong location of the building on the site. This will result in the refusal of acceptance on completion, i.e. the construction cannot be registered.

If the outline of the house exceeds the authorised dimensions, the cadastral operations for the registration of the property cannot be carried out.

Stages of the cadastral firm

The preliminary work prior to the foundation excavation is an essential stage, often regarded superficially because of the desire to move quickly with the construction stage. For this reason, errors in building positioning are usually discovered much too late.

This stage involves staking the land to ensure the correct positioning of the property boundaries. Positioning will be done by marking specific corners on the field. Construction axes and excavation pits are drawn according to the same principles as mentioned above.

The measurements for the acceptance of the construction are carried out on the basis of a verbel process which certifies the correctness of all the works.

The registration and entry of the construction in the land register are also carried out by the cadastral expert. This last stage of the expert’s work is the final point of construction. The recording and registration of the construction will lead to the guarantee of ownership.

People will need the following documents for the registration of the construction / registration of the new construction:

  • Standard application for receipt and registration – provided by the cadastral surveyor;
  • Copy of the cadastral documentation previously approved;
  • Extract from the land register;
  • Certificate of attestation of construction;
  • Tax certificate for the taxable value of the building – the person will be informed when the land registry company obtains it;
  • Certificate on the energy performance of the building;
  • Copy of identity papers.

Cadastre, land registration and surveying services are not optional. In order to obtain the building permit and other documents, the person must constantly work with the land registry firm, which will be with him and his project from the purchase of the land, the beginning of the works, until their reception.

Therefore, in order to meet deadlines and obtain cost-effective results, effective communication with the land surveyor is necessary.