Topographical surveys: what do they mean and why are they useful?

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Every construction project needs professionals, who offer specialised services, to develop it correctly and safely. This type of service also includes topographical services, which are designed to analyse the land and soil so that construction can take place on a safe basis that will not cause damage or even disaster after the passage of time.

These services are generally offered by land registry and cadastral firms, which have topographical specialists on their staff who carry out topographical surveys. However, some surveyors choose to work on their own, either as a licensed individual or by opening their own business.
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What are topographical surveys?

Generally speaking, topography is the science of surveying, both to determine the position of features on a surface and to plot surfaces for a map.

So topographic surveys are those that show the reality on the ground, which is measured according to national coordinates. These studies are necessary for the construction of buildings and are required either by the town hall or the institutions granting the building permit, or by the investor.

Therefore, the topographical survey is carried out to render the technical projects in the field, according to the plans originally made. At the same time, these studies can be used to determine the type of foundation required for a construction, depending on the land surveyed.

In other words, these topographical surveys are carried out on the basis of measurements of an area of land and are necessary in order to obtain planning permission, demolition permits or to include a site in urban development plans.

Why are topographical surveys necessary?

The topographical studies provide relevant information to all those involved in the project, i.e. the authorities and the project beneficiaries. These are intended to allow the land, with all the buildings on it, to be included in the land register.

This information includes the boundaries of the plot of land and the differences in its level, the location and size of neighbouring buildings, as well as the shape and size of the future building, the location of the building networks in the area.

The main situations for which these topographical surveys are required are:

  • to make a lease;
  • in the sale-purchase process;
  • for connection to utilities (water, sewerage, gas, electricity);
  • to obtain building or demolition permission;
  • for the conversion of a plot of land from extravilan to intravilan;
  • completing the necessary documentation for the allocation of a postal number.

Given the specific nature of this activity, and the important role that these studies play in obtaining all the necessary approvals or services for a citizen, it is important to contract only the services of professionals who are very familiar with this profession. In this way, people can be sure that the services they receive and the documents produced – the topographical surveys – are drawn up correctly and comply with all the requirements of the authorities. Therefore, a specialist degree is essential for those who intend to work in this field, as well as starting work during the years of study, as an apprentice, in order to catch all the secrets necessary to achieve success.