Upgrading a rural event space: A resource for the community

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Project details

With the aim of transforming an event space in a rural area into a vibrant community centre, an extensive modernisation project has begun. This effort aims to bring advanced technologies to a rural setting to provide a multi-purpose and efficient space for community events.

Project objective

Modernisation of an event space


Architectural firm


Jud. Argeș

Project date

October 2023


3d scanning

Adapting to Rural Identity

The event space, set amidst nature and scenic landscapes, has undergone a meticulous 3D scanning process. Using a mobile scanner, we created a georeferenced point cloud, thus ensuring accuracy within the national coordinate system.

Data Scanning and Harmonious Integration

Using the RTK drone, we generated a cloud of colour dots to highlight the beauty of the space and architectural details. The integration of these data into the national reference system was carried out with RTK GPS, ensuring consistency and accuracy of the information.

Deliverables for Event Space Revitalization

  1. Detailed 3D ModelWe havecreated a detailed 3D model of the event space and its surroundings, providing a broad three-dimensional view of the potential for transformation.
  2. Detailed Plans and SectionsScanned dataformed the basis of detailed plans and sections, supporting the process of designing and upgrading the space to meet the needs of community events.
  3. Exterior OrthophotosExterior Orthophotosaccurate exterior planshighlight the transformations to the space, providing a clear view of the retrofit project.
  4. Mesh File for Integration into Design PlatformsAnadapted mesh file has been provided for easy integration into design platforms, facilitating subsequent adjustments and additions.
  5. Topographic Elevation 3The informationobtained was used to create a 3D topographic elevation, including contour lines, thus providing a solid basis for planning the upgrade in harmony with the rural landscape.


These deliverables not only reflect the current state of the event space, but also highlight the commitment to rural community development through a revitalized multi-purpose space. Through the application of advanced technologies, we aim to contribute to the creation of a dynamic community centre, adapted to the rural specificities and ready to host events that bring community members closer together and promote local identity. Upgrading the event space is not only a physical improvement but also an investment in the social and cultural life of the rural community.

Data acquisition

Data acquisition was done with Geoslam Horizon mobile scanner, Mavic 3 Enterprise drone and Geomax Zenith RTK GPS