Presentation of the Bobancu House in Pitesti, by 3D scanning and photogrammetry

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Project details

Bobancu House, a historic building located on 1 Mai Street in Pitesti, Romania, has recently undergone a 3D scanning process to create a detailed model of its structure. This process involved creating a 3D model of the house, as well as colour orthophotos of the facades. These data formed the basis for the detailed survey of the facades and plans, as well as the sections of the house.

Project objective

Presentation of Bobancu House


Legal entity


Mun. Pitesti, Jud. Argeș

Project date

July 2023


3D scanning and photogrammetry

The 3D model and colour orthophotos of the facades provide an accurate visual representation of the house, allowing us to see its unique architectural details. These include the floral elements on the exterior of the house, as well as the distinct style of Romanian mountain villas with Swiss and Austrian influences.

Detailed elevations of the facades and floor plans, along with sections of the house, provide an in-depth understanding of the structure and design of the house. These are essential for beginning the design for the restoration of the home, ensuring that any changes or improvements preserve the integrity and original style of the home.

By using modern 3D scanning technology and creating these detailed resources, we are able to ensure that the Bobancu House is restored with respect for its unique history and design. This process allows us to preserve and celebrate Pitesti’s cultural heritage, ensuring that Bobancu House will continue to be a valuable part of the community for generations to come.