3D topographic survey, 3D scanning, mesh, contour lines and orthophotoplan from drone – residential area

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Project details

Project objective

Topographical survey for residential project


Natural person


Jud. Argeș

Project date

27 September 2022


Execution of 3D topographic survey, 3D model, mesh, contour lines, orthophoto plan

Data acquisition

Photogrammetry / 3d scanning on a 5ha area for residential project:
For this project we used a drone, rtk gps, 3D scanner to obtain the information from the field and photogrammetry software for data processing, which took 4 hours. The result was a 3D model (mesh), an orthophoto plan at 1.5cm resolution, contour lines and 3D topographic survey, which was handed over to the architect.


The data processing was done in a few hours resulting in an orthophoto plan in .tiff format, cloud of 3d points, which we processed in specialized 3d software and cad software.