3D model, topographic survey with contour lines and orthophotoplan

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Project details

This case focuses on the 3D methodology for the production of accurate geographical data for the PUZ documentation that underpins the Building Permit

Project objective

P.U.Z. documentation


Natural person


Jud. Argeș

Project date

13 December 2019


3D scanning and modelling of land in mun. Pitesti, jud. Arges for P.U.Z. documentation

Data acquisition

This 80000sqm studied area required a 120min 3D measurement. To ensure accuracy of 1-4 cm we used 20 RTK GPS points for further post-processing and error assessment.


Image processing was done using specialised 3D software. GPS points determined in the field were used to generate a dense 3D point cloud georeferenced in the national reference system “Stereo 70”.

The following results were provided: a 3D model, georeferenced orthophoto plan, topographic survey with contour lines at 1m intervals.