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Nowadays, 3D building surveys are becoming increasingly popular and are replacing traditional designs by architects or surveyors for building extensions or construction, as well as fire evacuation plans. This modern technique is much faster and more efficient, allowing architects to save time and focus on other important tasks, given that time is limited. However, the traditional method of drawing reliefs (pencil on paper) is still used for the analysis and design of small rooms.
Why is 3D scanning more advantageous?
3D scanning is an efficient and cost-effective method to obtain accurate plans for building development and modernisation. Using a 3D scanner, a quick topography of all areas and structures of the building can be made, giving a clearer overview. This technique allows for the detailed design of each room, including the interior design and furniture fitting, as well as the design of all necessary installations. As the exterior appearance of the building is not the only important aspect when designing, it is essential that the installations are carefully designed.

The effectiveness of 3D scanning in building design
The 3D building scanning method can also be used during the construction process. During construction, constant scans are carried out to keep track of all progress and to identify any errors that occur so that they can be rectified as quickly as possible. Therefore, 3D scanning is essential to ensure a successful construction as it keeps track of all changes made and helps to identify any problems in a timely manner.
What are the benefits of 3D building scanning?
The benefits offered by the 3D building scanning method include the reduction in the cost of producing a detailed and accurate plan for the construction of a building, thanks to the high measurement speed of a 3D scanner and its ability to capture accurate data about the building structure and its surroundings. The data collected is accurate and provides a clear picture of the measured object, allowing a unique and fast data analysis due to its accuracy and complexity. Compared to making a manual plan, which can be time-consuming and contain human error, the 3D building scanning method is much more efficient. This method can also be used even during the building construction process by constantly scanning and updating plans as changes occur.