Optimising the management of urban green spaces: the role of photogrammetric drones in counting and inventorying trees

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Introduction In the context of rapid urbanisation and climate change, effective management of urban green spaces is becoming essential. Photogrammetric drones, an innovative technology, play a crucial role in mapping, counting and calculating the surface area of these spaces, providing valuable data for urban planners and ecologists.

The Importance of Green Spaces in Cities Green spaces, such as parks, public gardens and tree lines, are vital for improving air quality, reducing pollution, increasing biodiversity and providing recreational spaces for residents. Effective inventory and management of these spaces is essential for the sustainable development of cities.

Photogrammetric Drone in Green Space Mapping Photogrammetric drone, equipped with advanced image capture technology, allows a fast and accurate assessment of green spaces. It can fly over cities, capturing detailed images from which information such as the size, shape and condition of green spaces can be extracted.

Tree Counting and Inventorying with the Help of Drones One of the most valuable uses of photogrammetric drones is tree counting and inventorying. Thanks to its high accuracy, the drone can identify and count trees, even in densely populated or hard-to-reach areas. Information collected may include species type, height, trunk diameter and health status of trees.

Data Analysis Software Specialised software plays an important role in processing the data collected by drones. These programs can automatically analyse images, identifying and cataloguing trees and green spaces. This automation saves time and resources, allowing more efficient monitoring and management of urban vegetation.

Benefits of Using Photogrammetric Drones

  • Efficiency: Fast and accurate data collection.
  • Coverage: Ability to access hard-to-reach areas.
  • Time Saving: Automatic data processing reduces the time needed for inventory.
  • Detailed information: Possibility to get specific data about each tree or green space.

Conclusions The use of photogrammetric drones in the management of urban green spaces opens up new possibilities for monitoring and preserving the urban environment. This technology, combined with advanced analytics software, enables cities to become greener, healthier and more sustainable.