Preventing situations in flood-prone areas: An approach based on the EU floods directive and LiDAR technology

Volumetric measurement revolution: drones and LiDAR rewrite the rules of the game

Introduction Technological developments in recent years have brought drones and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology to the forefront as essential tools for accurate volumetric measurements. Whether we are talking about construction projects, mining or environmental studies, these technologies offer significant advantages over traditional methods. Drones and Photogrammetry Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras have changed […]

Importance of topographical surveys in construction projects

Topographical surveys are an essential step in any construction project, providing precise data on the land and its characteristics. They are crucial for the efficient planning and execution of construction projects. Purpose of Topographic Surveys The main purpose of topographic surveys is to obtain detailed data about the physical characteristics of a piece of land. […]

Exploring orthomosaics and orthorectification in the context of drone photogrammetry

In the dynamic field of mapping and remote sensing technologies, drone photogrammetry orthomosaics have become essential tools in many industries. This article explores the nature of orthomosaics, their creation process through drone photogrammetry, and their critical importance in modern drone mapping services. Defining Orthophotos Orthophotos are highly detailed and geometrically corrected aerial images made by […]

Advantages of using thermal imaging drones to detect faults in PV parks

Solar energy is a clean and inexhaustible resource that plays a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change. However, in order to benefit optimally from this energy source, it is essential to maintain the efficiency and performance of photovoltaic systems. Defects in solar panels can have a significant impact on their […]

Optimising the management of urban green spaces: the role of photogrammetric drones in counting and inventorying trees

Introduction In the context of rapid urbanisation and climate change, effective management of urban green spaces is becoming essential. Photogrammetric drones, an innovative technology, play a crucial role in mapping, counting and calculating the surface area of these spaces, providing valuable data for urban planners and ecologists. The Importance of Green Spaces in Cities Green […]

Revolutionising urbanisation: using 3D scanning and photogrammetric drones for effective urban planning

Introduction Urbanisation is a growing global phenomenon and the use of advanced technologies such as 3D scanners and photogrammetric drones is increasingly important for the effective planning of cities. These technologies provide accurate and fast solutions for mapping and modelling urban spaces, facilitating sustainable and smart development. What Urbanisation Is and Its Importance Urbanisation refers […]

The most important uses of thermal imaging drones

The thermal imaging camera drone has many applications due to its ability to detect and visualise temperature variations in a scene. Here are some of the common uses of thermal imaging drones: Surveillance and Security: The thermal imaging camera drone is becoming a highly effective surveillance tool in the security field. Its ability to detect […]

Structural assessment with thermal imaging camera: effective problem detection in construction

In the field of structural assessment of buildings, technology has advanced considerably, paving the way for more accurate and efficient methods. One such innovation is the use of thermal imaging cameras for structural assessment of buildings. This technology offers significant advantages in identifying hidden problems, giving engineers and inspectors a detailed and comprehensive view of […]